Welcome to the HMF Film Fest!

Welcome to the new site for the first annual Horror Movie Freaks Film Fest 2018, which will be held on Oct. 6th 2018. All of us at HMF have been huge horror fans all of our lives, and two years ago we decided to start a little site called Horror Movie Freaks. Since that day we have grown into a large online community consisting of a website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We have a loyal fan base across the board with a combined following almost 20,000 strong. We owe a lot of our popularity to being huge supporters of indie filmmaking. So we thought we would take the next step in helping indie filmmakers get the credit they deserve.

Our goal with hosting this festival is to help get more focus on the indie and short film side of Horror. There is so much original, and amazing content coming from the indie world that its truly mind blowing.

In addition, being our first year running, there will be no cover charge or tickets needed to attend this event. That’s right, FREE!¬†However, Seats are limited. So if you would like to reserve seats please email us. Otherwise seats will be first come, first serve. Drinks and snacks will be available on location.

The films will be shown to a live audience and then we will live stream the awards ceremony to our followers.

We hope everyone attending has an amazing time, and good luck to all the Freaky Filmmakers out there!

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